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Florida woman shoots through door is latest controversy after Stand Your Ground Laws were passed


It has been almost two decades since Florida passed the nation’s first “Stand Your Ground” laws in 2005. The law became controversial after the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012, though Martin’s death did not stop the flow of such laws around the country. Stand Your Ground controversy returned to Florida with the arrest of Susan Lorincz by a Florida County Sheriff Department for killing a four-child mother.

Susan Lorincz, a resident of Marion County in June 2023 was said to be angry at some children who were playing on a nearby field. Lorincz allegedly became so angry at one point, that she threw an ice skate at a boy and his sister aged 10 years old.

Ajike, the mother of the children, was informed about the incident. Owens knocked on Lorincz’s door multiple times, and Lorincz fired one shot through the door. Owens was shot in the upper torso and died in the hospital. Lorincz claimed that she had acted out of self-defense because Owens was trying to open her door. Owen’s children witnessed the incident.

Susan Lorincz’s arrest came a few days after for manslaughter by firearm, negligence and battery. She was also charged with two counts of assault. Lorincz’s whiteness was noted by many protestors, and even social media commentators.

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