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As most window restorers are located in small geographic areas, having a presence of this kind was not logical for an individual company. Group representation is equal or even greater than that of the window replacement manufacturers. Together, we can speak with one voice. Together, we can save the original windows.

WPA’s goal is to bring together all those who are interested in changing the conversation on windows. We aim to connect people who want to save their window with professionals that can provide the required services. We want to demystify how to find the right materials and products for window repair. We are looking to connect those interested in window restoration with professionals who can assist them. Our goal is for preservationists to find the tools needed to educate building owner, architects, or other decision makers on the value of original window.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Encourage the preservation and restoration of original window by educating people about their beauty, craftsmanship and energy efficiency.

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