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Will XRP be the first to make $1 within 24 hours, or will new cryptos do it sooner?


Recently, Ripple made strategic moves. They locked up 800 million XRP and transferred 67.6 to exchanges. Whale Alert has observed these actions as a way to boost the market value and manage liquidity. Ripple’s (XRP’s) price has risen to $0.506 in spite of a recent downward trend, demonstrating the dynamic nature the crypto market.

You can read on to gain insight into the potential of this newly-emerging crypto and learn about its recent moves and prospects.

ScapesMania Public Sale Is Here!

ScapesMania quickly surpassed $5M in presale and entered the much-anticipated public sale phase. The Token Generation Event (TGE), as revealed in a recent AMA session with ScapesMania’s CEO, is scheduled for March.

The public sale happens right on the ScapesMania website.The project has researched over 30 major launchpads and established relationships with several, but their terms didn’t fit ScapesMania’s holder-oriented goals and ambitions. You have one last chance to get tokens from the original issuer.

There are only 80 million tokens available ($720,000), so time is of the essence. Act fast – the discounted…

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