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High Latitude sailing strategies for stormy weather


Novara The Drake Passage is a challenging route that requires a lot of precision. Extreme offshore adventures require extraordinary preparation.
Andrew Cassels

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Steve Brown has a lot of experience with heavy weather. Brown and Trish Brown completed a four year circumnavigation of the globe aboard their Oyster56 during his sailing days. Curious, sailed a 30,000-mile circumnavigation of the Americas—sailing north from Camden, Maine, and then an east-to-west transit of the Northwest Passage—and spent more than his fair share of time in the Southern Ocean. 

Brown will debate the most inhospitable locations on Earth. 

“Southern Georgia, in the South Atlantic, is the most unforgiving place I’ve ever sailed,” he says. “Although there was this one time, coming up the Le Mer Strait between Staten Island and Tierra Del Fuego.” 

The sailing was the fault of his ­mountaineering…

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