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Why Does My Cat Scratch the Floor? 4 Likely Reasons & Prevention Tips


Our cats are loved for their quirky personalities, but not until they start destroying the house. Cats come with a yen for scratching, and unfortunately, they’ll often satisfy their need to claw in the most undesirable places, like your furniture and carpet.

What’s causing your cat to paw and scratch at the flooring? You could be dealing with one of many reasons. Each has its own solution. If your cat’s claws are starting to hurt the look and feel of your room, learn why your cat is scratching your floor and the simple fixes you can use to stop it.


Why is my cat scratching the floor?

1. Litter Box Issues

little kitten inside the litter box
Image Credit: Boonlert Saikrajang, Shutterstock

Toilet breaks for cats may not be a cause for celebration, but they do involve a surprising number of complex actions, both before and during elimination. In some form or another, scratching plays a role in this process. Some traits, like sex and neuter status, can influence the behavior. But much of a cat’s pawing and scratching around their box may indicate dissatisfaction with the environment.

Cats may act oddly even though they use the litter box if it is dirty or unclean, or if the container itself is not clean. They may…

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