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Why don’t the Christians pray to “G-d”-the-Father?!


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Mr. Ex:#1“praying to Jesus was a waste of time”

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I’m with you on this. It is not worth it to pray to Jesus Jesus/Yeshua – the Israelite Messiah who is truthful – himself prayed for forgiveness. G-d, the father Never claim to be God in the first person.

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There is nothing from Jesus/Yeshua- the truthful Israelite Messiah ( in first person) in one’s post, why don’t you follow him (the Israelite Messiah instead of following anonymous* narrators out of blind-faith and superstition)?

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Jesus wanted his disciples to also pray to him.
John 14:13And whatever you ask me in My Name, I will do so that the Father is glorified by the Son. 14If you ask Me for anything in My name, I will do it.

* “The author of the book containing this chapter is anonymous,”


John 14 – Wikipedia


Why doesn’t one pray to “G-d”,…

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