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Why do cats pretend to sleep? Why do cats fake sleep?


Cats are difficult creatures to comprehend. And that’s why it’s tricky to decipher some of their strange behaviors. Let’s talk about their sleeping patterns, for example. It’s no secret that they often have a polyphasic sleep schedule, whereby they don’t sleep much throughout the night, but take multiple naps during the day.

It is strange to us that these fake naps can sometimes be real ones. Why would they use such tactics to get their way? We don’t know, unfortunately, and we can only speculate on some of the most likely potential reasons.


Cats are unable to sleep? Here’s why.

1. Your Cat’s Craving More Attention

In almost every cat conversation, you’ll hear people talk about how they are self-sustaining. In truth, we are in agreement because cats, compared to many other animals, are quite independent. Although they are independent, this does not mean that the animals do not want love or attention.

The tiny doses that cats receive from their pet parents is important not only for their mental but also for their physical well-being. If your cat hasn’t seen or heard from you for days, they’ll certainly be grumpy.

Cats that are kept as pets also tend to fake sleep.

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