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What are the best dog boots for your dog?


It is painful to see our pets suffer. Whether its to protect against snow and ice or rough terrain and hot pavement, a good pair of dog boots could keep your pup’s paws feeling great! We’ve tested five popular dog boots to find out which fit and work best.

Dog boots are a great way to make your dog comfortable while on walks or hikes, whether you’re at home or away. Maybe the rocky terrain is too much, or the gravel roads are too harsh for your sensitive paws. Unforgiving plant species like goat heads, sandburrs and cacti can ruin a day. A walk in the grass can cause itchiness for days due to seasonal allergies. Snow, hot pavements or sand can all be challenges.

We all feel bad as dog lovers when we see our dogs’ paws lift up, knowing they are in pain. Whether it’s related to terrain, weather, allergies, or protection from the local flora, dog boots can make your adventures together more enjoyable.

Hercules Cool Whip and Hercules tested five different dog boot options to help you choose the best one for your dog. We hope that our research will help you find the best protection for your dog!

Two dogs posing in front of a lake surrounded by pines trees and mountains

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