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When the Antichrist arrives


One may view paarsurrey post #9 in the thread ” Seemingly Impossible Son of Sin ” on RF:

qxxxxxxxxxxxh said: #1

No one will ever believe the Antichrist when it comes. The Antichrist will not be able to convince anyone, no matter how many stamps he places on their foreheads. Because people seriously did not believe the “fairy tales of the Bible.” Even Christians.

The road to hell is always paved with excuses:

Christine: “give me proof of your god existing”
The god with small “g” does not exist (the satan is god with small g). The God with big “G” does exist.

Quote from friend @qxxxxxxxxxxh ” No one will ever believe the Antichrist when it comes. No matter how many marks the Antichrist places on their foreheads, people will not believe. ” Unquote

paarsurrey Write #9

Isn’t it exactly, it transpires, what happened when the Hellenist-Paul – the seed of the Anti-Christ faked a vision and blatantly opposed the acts and Way of (Jesus) Yeshua- the Israelite Messiah and his teachings, please? Right?
Hellenist Paul diverted the simple and frustrated believers of Yeshua, the (true) Israelite Messiah (to Hellenist ideas and creeds like dying, rising ,…

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