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What is Voir Dire? What is Voir Dire?


Voir dire is a crucial part of the legal system, as it aims to provide a fair and impartial administration justice. The jury selection process is central to voir dire. It is also an integral part of court trials.

In this guide, we outline the concept of voir dire—what exactly it entails, its history, and its significance. We will explore the impact that voir dire has on the outcome and strategy of legal proceedings.

History of the voir dire

The practice of seeing-red dates back to centuries.

The term itself means “to speak the truth” in Anglo-Norman, a dialect of Old French. In the 1760s, William Blackstone discussed voir dire in his Commentaries and described the right to challenge jurors “propter affectum, for suspicion of bias or partiality.” Blackstone lauded the practice as part of the greatness of English…

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