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What If You’re Stranded On A Flooded Jeep Path?


Do no longer input when flooded.” It’s a vivid yellow avenue signal you’ve almost definitely noticed subsequent to drainage spaces and bridges, however have you ever given it any actual concept? Sadly, maximum motorists merely song out those warnings. When serious climate does happen, a long way too many drivers project into spaces the place their cars merely can not move — reminiscent of changing into stranded on a flooded jeep path — resulting in precarious rescues and even preventable fatalities. In keeping with the Nationwide Climate Carrier, a median of 95 other people die every yr from flash flooding, and just about two-thirds of the ones deaths happen in cars. A find out about printed through the College of Arizona additionally concluded that almost all motorists who crossed flooded spaces did so because of a calculated choice, no longer an impulsive one — “they tended to move if it gave the impression that climate prerequisites had been getting worse, if they might no longer to find some other direction, and in the event that they noticed that cars had effectively crossed.”

In the event you discovered your self stranded in worsening hurricane prerequisites with a flooded avenue forward, how would you gauge your talent to flee the placement? Must you live put and chance worse flooding at your present location, or try to power out sparsely to achieve protection? We requested survival teacher Kevin Estela and overlanding professional Rick Stowe how they’d take care of this unhealthy catch 22 situation.

The Situation

Scenario Sort

Flash flood evacuation

Your Workforce

Your self and your 8-year-old daughter


Southern United States


Summer season


Looming hurricane clouds; excessive 92 levels F, low 74 levels F

The Setup: As a father, you’re a large believer in spending high quality time together with your youngsters within the nice outside. You’ve long gone on numerous father-daughter adventures together with your first-born — tenting, fishing, climbing, and numerous weekends off-roading in combination on your Jeep Wrangler. For her 8th birthday, you make a decision to load up the Jeep with provides and power from your house within the Midwest right down to talk over with a circle of relatives member who lives at the Gulf Coast. Alongside the best way, you hit a couple of off-road trails and camp out in a single day. For lots of the commute, the elements has been overcast with scattered showers, however as you get nearer to the coast, you understand the forecast predicts heavier rain from an incoming tropical hurricane. Nonetheless, it seems to be manageable, and not one of the locals you’ve met appear particularly involved. You’ve simplest were given yet one more night time of tenting ahead of you succeed in your relative’s house, so that you head out at the path to discover a campsite one final time.

The Complication: You wide awake in the course of the night time to the sound of rain hammering your tent. Rolling from your cot, the ground undulates like a waterbed underneath your toes. Outdoor the tent, water is already ankle-deep and it’s simplest getting worse. You wake your daughter and inform her you’ll each want to take refuge within the Jeep, for the reason that tent isn’t going in an effort to stay out the emerging water for lengthy. As you stir up the engine and switch at the headlights, you understand that the placement is even worse than you concept. The path again to the primary avenue is obviously flooded — some spaces are simply muddy, whilst others are submerged in flowing water. You recall crossing creek beds for your approach into the web page that can be a foot deep through now, given this quantity of rainfall. The elements simplest appears to be getting extra intense, and this entire house could also be submerged quickly. There’s no mobile carrier, and also you’re a couple of miles from the closest paved avenue or occupied construction.

What are you able to do on this all of a sudden escalating scenario? Must you watch for a spoil within the climate ahead of making an attempt to power at the partly flooded path? Or must you try to power out of the chance zone instantly ahead of the flood will get deeper? How would you gauge if a water crossing is satisfactory or too unhealthy? What are you able to do to stop your Jeep’s engine from sucking up water and stalling? In case your automobile will get caught, would you abandon it to hunt upper flooring?

Photo of a flash flood warning sign. telling travelers to turn around when the road is flooded.

Survival Teacher Kevin Estela’s Method

“Jesus Christ!” I blurted simplest to be corrected through my daughter, “That’s a sin, dad. Don’t swear.” My profanity used to be extra of a stunned prayer for assist than an expletive. How may just we be stuck off guard through this water? I grew up in New England and lived in Utah for 2 years, however I by no means skilled flooding like this. In my travels to and from Arizona for paintings, I handled monsoons, however I used to be by no means put right into a scenario the place that collective rainwater become a danger. On the other hand, the ones instances weren’t like this one and I must have recognized higher putting in place camp so past due at night time. That’s what I am getting for riding till I want to sleep as an alternative of preventing after I wish to sleep. The backcountry is open for journey however there’s all the time a trade-off. We’re on our personal to get out of this one.

Noticing the flood waters emerging and the rain expanding, I guess this flood is similar to the flash floods we heard about on the customer middle. Within the Southwest, rain pouring miles away can go back and forth underground and resurface as flooding above flooring. I do know there’s no option to expect how excessive the water gets, and we need to suppose the worst. Who is aware of how lengthy this hurricane band is? Despite the fact that I feel we’ve noticed the worst of the hurricane, there generally is a lot extra rain coming, and the water might upward thrust much more.

You’ll be able to enjoy chilly even in the summertime and within the wilderness. Upload in rainy clothes and snoozing baggage, and you’ll die from the chilly in a single day. Our best lifeline used to be our snoozing baggage, and we knew we needed to stay them as dry as conceivable. We didn’t plan on tenting in rainy climate, and we didn’t pack dry baggage. Having a look over what we had left in our camp, we needed to improvise. Because it used to be the tail finish of our tenting weekend, we used the rubbish bag that coated our Trasharoo rear-tire rubbish holder to offer protection to our snoozing equipment. We dumped out the contents and inverted the bag to make use of the blank outdoor to carry our luggage within. The rain used to be coming down sturdy, and we needed to combat the wind to near the Jeep doorways, which did a mediocre process of stopping the horizontal rain from coming in.

When the water began to upward thrust round us, the query “may just this flood” used to be changed with “how unhealthy will this flood be?” We didn’t have time to sacrifice ready round for that solution. Sadly for us, the place we arrange used to be in a ravine we didn’t understand in the dead of night. We arrived at camp past due at night time and couldn’t see the within sight terrain options. We pushed aside the overall regulations for putting in place a camp and our haphazard variety price us. Thankfully for us, we all know we will be able to briefly acquire elevation mountain climbing to the highest of the draw through operating to the highest of the spur that ends up in the ridgeline. Between us and the spur is fast paced water that I will’t resolve the intensity of. The one different choice is heading again the best way we got here via what seems now to be a creek mattress speeding with water.

Photo of flash flooding taking place in California early 2023.

We song the radio to AM frequencies and get started scanning for any updates. That is emblem new for my daughter as she grew up in an age when terrestrial radio used to be falling out of fashion, and the entirety become a playlist plugged into the automobile. She’s small, and I activity her with listening for “the weatherman” who’s giving an replace on what we’re experiencing. We all know storms don’t final without end and possibly if we will be able to get an concept how lengthy this hurricane will final, we will be able to come to a decision if we must hunker down or strive an get away.

This ordeal equipped a very good alternative for me to talk to my daughter about lifestyles. Whilst some folks imagine in sheltering their youngsters, I’d fairly teach them than stay them ignorant and naive longer. She could also be dissatisfied with the verdict to finish our tenting commute, however she’ll be alive, and she or he’ll forgive me ultimately. There’s no probability for reconciliation after dying. She used to be worried once we woke to the water in our tent, and she or he didn’t absolutely comprehend the urgency in my voice. In a time like this, she wishes to hear me as a dad or mum and no longer as the joys dad or pal.

The issue with flood water is not only the water. Our pores and skin is beautiful tolerant to that within the brief time period. Water will also be forceful, and it does have the facility to bend canoes and kayaks once they’re pinned up in opposition to rocks. Water too can waft a automobile beautiful simply and only a few inches of water may give a automobile buoyancy. What additionally worries me in flood water is what the flood water is sporting with it. Damaged off branches, basketball-sized rocks, sharp particles like bottles and trash discarded alongside the riverbanks and now within the mainstream. Murky water shouldn’t be considered as simply water. I will’t imagine I’m significantly occupied with crossing that water, however my daughter were given sopping wet through the rain, and her situation has began to go to pot.

I by no means would counsel crossing water of unknown intensity if there’s a protected selection to self-rescue. It is going in opposition to all common sense and the recommendation of each trade professional I’ve heard. On this circumstance, the selection become very transparent even though it used to be extremely determined. In my daughter’s makes an attempt to assist me, her garments become drenched. The whole thing in our camp become drenched, together with our lifesaving snoozing baggage, and no longer even the automobile’s heater appears to be warming her speedy sufficient. She used to be shivering uncontrollably and has now change into disoriented and torpid. In my desperation to combat off hypothermia, I needed to come to the conclusion that she may die if we don’t get her frame warmth up, and lets each die if we move the river in an try to power to protection. I’ll be referred to as silly and careless for letting this situation get up to now, however I’d fairly take care of insults than a funeral. No dad or mum needs to bury a kid, and the result will weigh on me if I don’t act now.

Restoration forums are usual in my cars, and so they’re used greater than my winch. To keep away from dropping them in dust, I all the time connect a period of cordage tied to my bumper to tug them from the dust once I power out of it. In those prerequisites, prep like that suggests no longer dropping a lifesaving device. Traction forums paintings nice in dry prerequisites, however they change into nearly unattainable to carry onto when water is speeding over them. If I used them in those prerequisites, I must chance dropping them, trying out the tensile energy of the leashes that hang them to my rear bumper. Even making an attempt to get them beneath the tires in transferring water may just put my lifestyles in danger, so we’ll need to depend on maintaining momentum.

Photo of an SUV driving down a water logged forest trail.

I take stock of the equipment in camp. A tarp and a few bungee cords can be utilized to create an improvised grille duvet to scale back the danger of water flowing into the engine bay. I recall studying that ARB, a well known off-road equipment corporate, gives a “water crossing duvet” that attaches to the entrance of a automobile for this objective. It’s nearly like some of the outdated vinyl automobile bras that become fashionable within the Eighties, however with out openings for airflow (or on this case, water drift). We aren’t in search of a water resistant seal, however fairly a boat-style bow wave that’ll redirect the water to the edges of the automobile, fairly than up into the engine compartment. I briefly lower out an appropriate-sized phase of tarp and lash it around the Jeep’s hood and bumper with the bungee cords.

My standard automobile loadout is composed of a battery pack for jump-starting self-recovery, traction forums, and a shovel to unstick myself, in addition to some elementary stay-alive equipment like camp range, snoozing pads/baggage, water, and fire-starting apparatus. Each time I go back and forth to the wilderness, I all the time pack extra water than I would like with no less than 2 to a few gallons consistent with individual consistent with day. In off-road prerequisites, gentle is an asset, and we pack numerous excessive output handhelds to give a boost to the lighting fixtures on our automobile. Now, as I get ready to desert camp, I ditch any equipment that’ll crush the Jeep and get it caught all through our bugout.

After prepping the Jeep, we pull as much as the water’s edge. I flip at the automobile’s roof-mounted gentle bar to light up the riverbank at the a long way facet, and I exploit my hand-held gentle to inspect the financial institution to the driving force’s facet of my rig. I’m in search of indicators of the high-water mark. The highlight finds displaced foliage and folded-over branches a couple of toes above the skin of the water at the a long way facet. At the back of my automobile, sweet wrappers and a unmarried water shoe will also be noticed tucked within the undercut and uncovered root machine of the riverbank timber. This water isn’t as excessive as it’s been. There’s a possibility we will be able to make it if we move now.

It’s simple to suppose slow-moving water is protected to move, however we will be able to simplest see the skin and no longer the way it’s flowing beneath. Years as a kayaking/canoeing teacher and information taught me the laminar drift discovered beneath the skin of the water can transfer a lot sooner and poses a far better chance. This swift water is ceaselessly the explanation why even skilled swimmers drown in rivers that glance to be slightly transferring. Who is aware of how the present will have an effect on the Jeep because it crosses? All that’s left is to mention a prayer, hope my previous cursing isn’t held in opposition to me through the person upstairs, and ship my rig into the water at a gentle tempo.

The tires lurch ahead, and the water gurgles because it rises in opposition to the undercarriage of the automobile. I don’t let up at the fuel and keep away from spinning my wheels. Momentum is vital. I think the present pushing my automobile laterally, and I watch the street at the a long way facet of the river seem to transport throughout my dashboard. Secure, secure, stay the wheels immediately. Don’t combat the steerage wheel. Don’t be stunned through the water entering the cab. Stay going, come on, come on, extra fuel … come on, fuel, fuel, fuel! I stare over at my shivering daughter simplest lengthy sufficient to ensure she continues to be with me, and my look is interrupted through the sensation of the entrance wheels grabbing the a long way riverbank and the sound of water draining out of my bumper, wheel wells, and in the course of the seams within the doorways. Thanks, God. Once I’m transparent of the river, I take away the tarp from the entrance finish to permit airflow to the radiator and stow it in case I would like it once more additional down the street. It isn’t lengthy ahead of we make it to a roadblock manned through a freeway patrolman who is helping my daughter dry off, wraps an emergency blanket round her, and we could her sit down in his cruiser to heat up.

Shifting ahead, a part of my EDC will probably be a collection of digital equipment that move hand-in-hand. A Garmin InReach and Garmin Foretrex 601 will permit me to understand my precise location and relay it from one instrument via some other to 2 of my maximum depended on buddies. This commute used to be no longer with out chance, and because there will probably be extra, this stuff will probably be carried with out fail every day. I will be able to even be a lot more diligent about checking climate forecasts one day and can make a choice campsites with flooding attainable in thoughts. I will’t depend on good fortune or prayer like I did this time. If I make the similar errors once more, disgrace on me.

Overlanding Skilled Rick Stowe’s Method

I’ve confronted a scenario very similar to this one. It’s a horrible feeling gazing a water crossing that you simply’re no longer 100-percent positive you’ll make it via, particularly when it’s your simplest approach out of the realm. And whilst fortunately I wasn’t at the back of the wheel, I’ve noticed a well-equipped off-road rig rendered inoperable through 3 toes of reasonably calm flowing water. It’s simple to romanticize crossing rivers with a wake breaking at the back of the truck, however in truth, combustion engines and electronics don’t mesh nicely with submersion.

That being mentioned, simply since you don’t be expecting excessive water all through your backcountry journeys doesn’t imply you received’t come across it. Prior to I even imagine adjustments and extra apparatus, I’d check out the manufacturing unit options and capacity of the rig. In my opinion, I want no less than a rear locker, with regards to 10 inches of flooring clearance, 2 toes of fording intensity, all-terrain tires, and a few underbody coverage for low-hanging elements.

I’m additionally a large proponent of receiving high quality coaching from a credible supply. I wish to know what a rig is in a position to ahead of it’s in a dire scenario. The Overland Expo tournament sequence comprises a perfect staff of off-road running shoes, and they are able to display you the way your automobile stacks up in opposition to the varieties of stumbling blocks you’re possibly to come across within the backcountry. Past coaching at the back of the wheel, you’ll additionally be informed the bits and bobs of winching, trailside upkeep, and different eventualities that may briefly change into unhealthy when treated incorrectly.

On this situation, I’d imagine a Jeep Wrangler with first rate tires masses in a position to tackling trails with some dust and flowing water not up to a foot deep. Given the ankle-deep water in camp, I wouldn’t be expecting to come across greater than 2 toes of water on the crossings at this level. After all, that is all hypothesis, and also you by no means know while you’ll come across the sudden, however that’s why we get ready for the worst.

Many of the equipment that I’d imagine vital for the potential for flooded trails and water crossings isn’t particular to that scenario, however regardless, it’d be useful. We are living in an afternoon and age when satellite tv for pc verbal exchange, GMRS, and HAM radio features can all are compatible for your sprint in small, simply available units. With the ones equipment, or a mixture thereof, no longer simplest can I live in verbal exchange with circle of relatives again house to stay them up to date about my location and adjustments to my plans, however I will additionally succeed in out to hunt details about climate and avenue prerequisites. On this situation, I may well be tempted to go away the tenting house, and through the use of NOAA climate radio, I may just come to a decision which route to go back and forth to keep away from backtracking or spaces with extra serious flooding. It’s additionally value noting that having your entire comms hardwired in your rig is a nasty name. I love to stay no less than one hand-held radio and a satellite tv for pc verbal exchange instrument that I will grasp and move if I’m clear of the truck.

Photo of a customized overlanding SUV driving through a water crossing.

Above: Including a snorkel to the consumption and protecting the entrance finish with water resistant subject material can lower the chance of the engine sucking up water all through a difficult water crossing. (Picture courtesy of ARB)

Along with verbal exchange apparatus, number one and secondary navigation equipment are vital. Nearly all of my direction making plans is finished with the onX maps smartphone app. It permits me to save lots of maps offline and overview path footage, problem scores, closure dates, and outlines of fashionable tracks. I additionally stay a lot of Delorme Gazetteer paper maps and a few region-specific 4×4-focused maps in my truck always. You’ll be able to’t expect when a telephone or pill will probably be broken or misplaced, so secondary navigation equipment are required equipment.

Restoration apparatus and equipment also are essential for venturing into the backcountry by way of 4×4, particularly when touring with no spouse automobile. I all the time have traction platforms saved in an simply available location. They’re a perfect first step in restoration eventualities which can be each speedy and protected. Complete-sized hand equipment — on the naked minimal, a strong shovel and a noticed — are a have to. Chain saws or massive folding saws each paintings. The verdict comes right down to to be had garage and how briskly you wish to have to transparent fallen timber. The general part of the trio, a correctly rated winch, features important capacity while you upload extension straps, grasp blocks, and tree savers. A winch could also be a device that calls for some coaching to perform safely and successfully.

If I’ve to ditch my truck as it’s inoperable or hopelessly caught, I all the time stay a go-bag filled with refuge, water, and meals as the highest priorities. Going overboard with a go-bag is tempting, however preserving it small and available manner I’m much less more likely to depart it at house. An emergency bivy bag, a high quality poncho, a water filter out, some shelf-stable meals, and the slicing, fireplace beginning, and illumination equipment I raise on a daily basis gets me in the course of the night time.

Clearly, I will’t speak about water crossings in a 4×4 with out bringing up a snorkel, but it surely’s necessary to understand that this alteration doesn’t essentially come up with magical river-fording powers. There are nonetheless numerous electronics and different portions that may fail because of submersion. Particularly, prolonged differential breathers will get rid of a possible failure.

There’s a little of an artwork and numerous science to compelling even a well-built overland rig via water crossings over 18 inches. Preferably, you wish to have to go into the water and deal with a pace that’ll push the bow wake forward of your entrance bumper. In the event you move in too speedy or too gradual, the water can input the engine compartment. It’s in truth one thing you need to get a really feel for.

In all truth, this Gulf Coast rainstorm situation has numerous transferring portions that would very much have an effect on how I’d react. The site comes with its personal distinctive demanding situations. For one, water crossings the place the ground is sand versus bedrock or gravel will also be in particular difficult as a result of they’re extra susceptible to washouts and moving depths. That’s why I’m by no means hostile to strolling a water crossing ahead of I strive it. With simply my daughter as a spouse, I’d rig up a security line to pivot me again to shore simply in case I encountered sturdy currents. I’d additionally lower an extended sapling or department to check the ground as I made my approach throughout every crossing. The only upside to water crossings in spaces with much less drastic elevation adjustments is they’re much less more likely to upward thrust into flash floods because of draining spaces a long way away. That’s an opportunity close to massive mountains or canyon lands.

Photo of a flooded SUV with the front end sunk into the water.

Preferably, ahead of I ever were given into this example, I’d rethink the low-lying flood-prone spaces with the wet forecast in thoughts. Clearly, I don’t wish to disappoint my daughter; high quality time isn’t all the time simple to carve out, however on the identical time, rerouting a few hours may just save us numerous hassle. Plus, I may just use it as a possibility to permit her to participate within the making plans procedure as we researched a brand new house to camp for the night time. That is precisely the kind of scenario the place it can pay off to be versatile and to have some attractions and waypoints in thoughts for long run journeys.

The most important issue on this situation is whether or not we live or move. After waking as much as status water within the tent and in search of refuge within the Jeep, I’d use my NOAA Climate Radio, satellite tv for pc comms, or even HAM to assemble as a lot data as I may just to come to a decision. Using out of the realm to get again to a avenue may imply encountering an impassable impediment, whether or not that be an unsafe water crossing or downed timber. I’ve noticed too many eventualities the place you spend time slicing a tree blockading the path simply to discover a tangled mess of trees 1 / 4 mile away. Except the predicted rainfall used to be going to supply important flooding, I’d be tempted to attend it out, snoozing behind the Jeep. That’d stay us dry and out of the water except it used to be going to upward thrust over 3 toes. For the reason that situation doesn’t happen proper at the coast, hurricane surge isn’t a topic, and if greater than 36 inches of rain is forecasted, I’d indisputably trade the plan.

Heading to the excessive flooring would even be an choice, however except it used to be shut and indisputably drivable, I’d stay an open thoughts about atmosphere out on foot. With the apparatus within the go-bag, the night time can be satisfactory, and the temperatures wouldn’t essentially be unhealthy.

Clearly, having an 8-year-old as your simplest go back and forth spouse takes some particular attention. The most important being that this entire scenario will probably be so much more straightforward if she’s calm and at ease all over the ordeal. In my opinion, I feel numerous that is determined by exposing youngsters to antagonistic eventualities at a tender age with right kind arrangements and encouragement. Briefly, train them to take care of “the suck.” Children are malleable, and their convenience vary isn’t as slim as some may suppose. Ensuring my daughter knew easy methods to use the radio so I may just live in contact whilst scouting crossings or pulling the winch line is on the most sensible of the record. Despite the fact that we needed to head out on foot, her poncho and bivy would stay her heat and dry, and so long as that wasn’t the primary time she have been out in stormy prerequisites, she can be effective.

Similar to an off-camber path, getting a truck high-centered, or an entire host of alternative eventualities you’ll come across overlanding, excessive water will also be nerve-wracking. On the finish of the day, we discover to push ourselves, and technical riding is simply some other talent set so as to add in your psychological toolbox. So long as you’re fair in regards to the prerequisites, your talent, and your rig, you’ll almost definitely be OK, however that’s nonetheless no ensure. The place’s the joys in that?


In this day and age, our cars are more secure and extra technologically complex than ever ahead of, and that has a tendency to make us really feel insulated from threat at the back of the wheel. However threat is ever-present, particularly as soon as inclement climate and lowered visibility are added to the combination. Even on paved roads, it’s no longer unusual to peer motorists stranded after dropping regulate within the rain or making an attempt to power via flooded spaces. In an off-road atmosphere, heavy rain can briefly flip clean filth roads into slippery dust, and swell trickling creeks into impassable rivers. And should you get caught in a far off location, tow vehicles and standard roadside help products and services received’t be in a position that can assist you, assuming you have got sufficient mobile sign to achieve them in any respect.

As all the time, preparation is vital. Plan your direction sparsely and use products and services reminiscent of onX maps that supply contemporary footage and user-submitted updates referring to path problem. While you’re heading out on a path for the primary time, imagine bringing an skilled pal with a 2d automobile — should you get caught, they may be able to pull you out or move to find assist. Test climate often and don’t hesitate to show again if prerequisites go to pot. In the event you’re occupied with off-roading and overlanding, put money into high quality equipment, restoration apparatus, and off-grid communications equipment. Above all, don’t fall into the lure of overestimating your riding prowess or your automobile’s features. That’s a very simple option to finally end up in serious trouble — actually.

Meet Our Panel

Photo of survival expert Kevin Estela.Kevin Estela

Kevin Estela is the director of coaching for Fieldcraft Survival in Aberdeen, North Carolina. He’s the best-selling writer of 101 Talents You Want to Live on within the Woods and an achieved mag author. He’s the host of the Fieldcraft Survival Podcast and a typical visitor on others. Estela has been a certified bushcraft and survival teacher since 2007 and has examined his abilities in quite a lot of environments. Extremely wanted for product trying out, designs, and comments, he’s considered a topic professional and authority in out of doors abilities who conducts common classes across the nation. You’ll be able to observe him on Instagram at @estelawilded

Portrait photo of author and overlanding expert, Rick Stowe.Rick Stowe

Rick Stowe, affiliate editor for Overland Expo, is keen on exploration regardless if it’s through foot, 4×4, or motorcycle. Despite the fact that maximum of his skilled paintings is based totally round lifted vehicles and rooftop tents, he nonetheless appreciates the chance to go out with a pack, a tarp, a prepare dinner equipment, and a knife to observe primitive abilities. If there’s a cast trout circulate within sight, even higher. He believes that after the entirety is going unsuitable, essentially the most treasured factor you’ll raise is a cast wisdom base and sensible enjoy. Consider, abilities weigh not anything, and an emergency is a horrible time to get your equipment grimy for the first actual time. overlandexpo.com

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