Home Insurance What if a disaster occurs and my home is rendered uninhabitable.

What if a disaster occurs and my home is rendered uninhabitable.


You will have to decide if your home can be lived in despite the damage it has suffered, whether from a flood, fire or strong winds. You will have to find an alternative place to live if your home is no longer safe.

Adrian Flux policies include alternative housing for an emergency situation, even if the policy is only for contents.

This blog will answer all of your questions regarding emergency alternative housing insurance.

alternative accommodation

What can I use as a reason for alternative accommodation?

Flood, fire, subsidence, and storm damage are covered by alternative accommodation insurance. As they are natural phenomena, these events are often referred as “acts by God”. Alternative accommodation insurance covers you for damage from a burglary and water pipe bursts.

In most cases, if you are unable to live in your home due to unforeseen circumstances, you can make a claim. You’ll need to review the specifics of your policy but, in general, most policies provide alternative accommodations as standard.

Each insurer has their own definition of what is considered uninhabitable. Cosmetic or minor issues…

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