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What are Reddit Moons? Explaining /r/Cryptocurrency Tokens


Moons are associated with Reddit. Recently, these tokens have attracted attention here’s what you should know.

What Are Reddit Moons?

Moons are crypto-tokens distributed to Reddit users. These tokens are given to users in the /r/cryptocurrency section of Reddit, based partly on how many upvotes their posts receive.

Users can spend Moons on various Reddit features. Moons also play a role in governance. This means that owners can vote on /r/cryptocurrency-related decisions.

Moons are circulated on Arbitrum Nova, which is a layer-2 network for Ethereum. The Moon token is based on ERC-20, the Ethereum token standard.

Where can I purchase and sell Moons?

Moons will be listed on several mainstream crypto exchanges in 2022 or 2023. CoinEx announced that it would list Moons in September 2023. Crypto.com listed Moons on July 2023 while Kraken listed Moons on August 2023.

Other exchanges that list Moons include Sushiswap, MEXC, Gate.io, Bitmart, RCPSwap, and Bittrue. Coingecko has a list of current exchange listings.

Are Moons an Investment Risky?

With a market capitalization of $36,9, Moons is among the 500 largest cryptocurrency.

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