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Webinar Recap: Introducing Khan Academy’s Magical AI Tool for Teachers


In this webinar recap, we’ll explore what Khanmigo, Khan Academy’s AI tool for K-12 US teachers, can do to make educator’s time better spent. This recap will focus on three features of this tool that are valuable and how to use them in order to improve the teaching process. These insights were reviewed last week during our live virtual event. If you missed last week’s event and want to view the recording, you may grab it by clicking the button below.

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Recap: Feature 1 Data

First, we looked at the Class Snapshot. This feature gives teachers a quick overview of their class’s weekly progress on Khan Academy. The Class Snapshot provides important data, such as Learning Time and Assignments. It also includes Skills and Course Mastery. This tool allows teachers to identify trends and areas that need attention. It’s an efficient method for identifying areas of weakness in students that need extra support, and those who could use a high five. As an example, we showed a teacher how to ask students for a list.

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