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Building Connections with WebAssign in Austin


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You understand the importance of building connections as an educator. Cengage’s favorite part of working in higher education, is creating connections with faculty like you. This is why we host the annual WebAssign Users Group (WAUG), which brings together STEM faculty members to discuss everything WebAssign Higher education is available.

We were joined this year by 21 faculty members from Austin, Texas, for a 3-day event to discuss the latest developments in education. WebAssign Share higher education strategies with others and create connections. Here’s what we learned.

1. The readiness gap may not be the biggest challenge facing higher ed

Prior to and after the pandemic we heard how learning loss and readiness gaps disrupted classrooms all over. For the first time in years, we’re hearing that one student challenge has become more prominent than readiness gaps: student engagement.

Instructors agreed during WAUG that, while readiness gaps are likely to be a constant challenge, motivation and engagement of students is a more pressing concern in their classrooms. Among the examples that they gave were:

  • Classroom engagement is lacking
  • The larger class size makes it harder to communicate and…

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