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You need to train teachers on climate change. You’ve got to train them


This opinion piece about climate change education was written by The Hechinger ReportSign up for the newsletter to receive updates on education innovation and inequality. Subscribe to the Hechinger Newsletter.

Second graders in New York City will build a model tree using pipe cleaners and Post it notes in their classroom sometime this fall. The tree could be used to cool down a city’s street. They’ll shine a lamp on their mini trees to see what shade patterns they cast. Meanwhile, in Seattle, kindergartners might take a “wondering walk” outside and come up with questions about the worms that show up on the sidewalk after it rains. 

These and other lessons are being planned by teachers across the nation this summer in professional development programmes designed to address a pressing issue: preparing teachers for the future. Teach about climate change . Students must act

“I believe that the climate movement is the most interesting movement in education,” said Oren Pizmony-Levy, ( Associate Professor, International and Comparative education at Teachers College Columbia University. (Disclosure: Teachers College is not affiliated with the Hechinger report, which produced this article.( Schools must be funded. Addressing students

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