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Visiting Arizona’s National Parks With Pets


Late fall, winter, and early spring are the perfect times of the year for visiting Arizona’s national parks with pets. And with over 70% of the state’s spectacular landscape preserved as public land, there’s a lot to see! Discover which parks are pet-friendly and which ones to avoid.

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From iconic national parks like the Grand Canyon to lesser known sites, such as Tonto National Monument, Arizona’s national parks are full of wonders to behold. If you’re planning a trip to Arizona with your pets, knowing the pet policies at all the national parks will help you decide which ones to add to your itinerary and which to avoid.

Pet Policies For Arizona’s National Parks

Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Canyon de Chelly is one of North America’s longest continuously inhabited landscapes. Visitors can see the pueblo ruins that were built between 350 A.D. and 1300 A.D., as well as the Navajo Indians who still live in the canyon.

Please note that the White House Overlook Trail was closed for good in 2020 due to a spate of thefts. The White House Ruin trail is the only public path on the South…

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