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Upgrading our Sahara Tan Coyote-Swapped 1968 F-100 by installing a Tremec Six-Speed on QA1 Suspension


A Diamond in the Rough

The 1967-’72 F-Series Bumpside trucks are one of the most popular trucks to build. We wanted to be part of the action, and bring something fresh and new. We picked up a 1968 F-100 shortbed single cab in its original Sahara Tan color. It already had some of the main work done—a Gen 2 Crate Coyote swap, a Tremec six-speed—and it was sit-ting on QA1 front and rear suspension. 

It was safe to say this truck was a diamond in the rough, but it wasn’t so rough when we began. We were going to build a yin-yang version of our 1968 F-100. This was the fancier one.

The brakes and wheel.

We began with the interior, which is what people most value on a truck painted in original paint. It’s a nice, bespoke one. Jason from Fat Fender Garage created an elegant leather interior for us that brought this truck to a whole new level. The FFG team had the original bench seat reshaped and refoamed. We used Moore & Giles leather to cover it. Then we got a TMI Products Dashpad, and rewrapped it. The headliner and carpet were both redone with leather. FFG also created custom door panels to tie it all together.

All American Billet Taillight Bezel

All American Billet tailgate handles

The interior was not the only thing we did. We added Vintage Air’s SureFit kit, which even has original-looking controls so we could stay nice and cool, and we swapped in a set of Dakota Digital RTX gauges to give it the classic look with the modern amenities.

On the exterior of the truck, we had to work with the original paint. We also had rust and in this case, wider wheel tubs. It was necessary to repair them so that all of the paint on the truck matched. Boris Street Machinery of Euclid, Ohio was contacted and the team did some patina work that would be worthy of a show. They fixed the rust and damaged driver’s-side doors.

Vintage Air made replacement controls that fit our F-100.

Vintage Air HVAC.

We shaved off the gas fill hole on the tubs (since we added the Boyd tank at the rear), and blended the paint. Jerome Borris blends paint so well on these OG painted trucks. After the paint on the truck was complete, it was time for some jewelery to be added to the build. We also added some other parts like a set Fat Fender garage door handles, a bed floor gas-door, All American Billet Hood Hinges, taillight bezels and tailgate handle.

We’re excited to show you the truck. It was made to have a good time as well as to show how you can transform an original, nice truck into the perfect Cruiser with time, vision and effort.

Installing the Fat Fender garage bed floor door

Fat Fender Garage offers a new LED dome light to replace the broken old one.

The wheel tub was painted and widened to 3 inches.

Before and after pictures of a bed

We decided to relocate the ECU using Fat Fender Garage’s bracket. It was mounted on the inner fender.

Street Machinery repaired the damaged door, blended the paint and filled the gas fill hole.

Repairing and patching rust on the lower fender.

This is how the truck’s interior was when we got her.

Fat Fender garage redoing interior.

FFG custom door panels.

The interior.

Before and after the headliner.

The ashtray before and after the addition of the All American Billet Knob.

Fat Fender Garage door handles.

Dakota Digital RTX gauges were added.

The engine bay.

All American Billet Hood Hinges

The QA1 Front and Rear Suspension.

Tech Specs

1968 Ford F-100 

  • Original Sahara Tan paint
  • Ford Performance crate engine 5.0 Gen2 Coyote
  • American Powertrain’s Tremec Magnum Six-speed
  • Front and rear suspension QA1
  • Wilwood disc brakes
  • American Racing forged Shelby wheels 18×9 and 18×11
  • Fat Fender garage uses Moore and Giles to make a custom interior using Moore leather.
  • Fat Fender Garage door panels
  • TMI Products dashpad
  • Vintage Air HVAC
  • Dakota Digital RTX gauges
  • Fat Fender Garage Door Handles, Dome Light, and ECU Mount
  • All American Billet hood Hinges, Tailgate Handle, Taillight Bezel, and Ashtray Knob

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