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UNSOLVED: The Disappearance Of ‘Vatican Girl’ Emanuela Orlandi


The afternoon of June 22nd, 1983 in Rome was scorching hot at 98 degrees. Emanuela Orlandi was 15 years old, the fourth of five siblings living with their parents in Vatican City. She asked her older brother Pietro if he would take her to a flute lesson at the end of the day, complaining of how hot it was.

Pietro, who was 20 at the time refused to drive her to her music class, which is located outside the Vatican City walls, in the heart Rome.

He would make that decision Tell someone about it He still has nightmares about the Guardian.

“It’s a very painful memory – she insisted I take her, and we rowed over it,” he said. “Then she left, slamming the door. I never imagined it would be my last encounter with her. I’ve gone over it so many times, telling myself if only I had accompanied her, maybe it wouldn’t have happened.”

Emanuela told her sister Federica that she had been approached by a man representing Avon Products and was offered a job distributing flyers at a fashion show. Emanuela informed her sister she would be meeting with the man after her lesson in music to let him know if she accepted the job.

Federica told her sister to not take the job because she thought it was…

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