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Unraveling Maryland’s Murders: A True Crime Podcaster’s Story


True crime podcasts have become a multi-million dollar industry, with some of the industry’s most popular podcasts garnering millions of downloads a month while diving deep into stories of murder. Criminal cases are the other side of this growing business. Podcasts such as Crime Junkie cover a wide range of criminal cases. Re-opening or solving

True crime is a genre that has its own controversy. Creators balance the ethical and creative aspects of citizen journalism. Accusations of exploitation – of tragedies or victims’ stories – levied at true crime shows have become a ubiquitous part of the cultural zeitgeist so much so that it has been satirized in shows like Peacock’s “Based On A True Story” where a seemingly average husband and wife host a true crime podcast with a serial killer, or Hulu’s “Only Murders in the Building” where amateur true crime podcasters help a real detective solve a murder in part to re-ignite their careers in showbiz.

Tia Lincoln

Tia Lincoln, the real-life host and creator of the new and raw “Maryland’s Most Notorious Murders podcast, is far from the satirized prototypical true crime host detailed in shows like “Only Murders in the Building.” 

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