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Tynwald and Sodor and Man


In a guest blog, Peter Edge looks at the continuing debate about the Bishop of Sodor and Man’s ex officio membership of the island’s Legislative Council.

The 20th of June is a national holiday.He Manx Tynwald votes on the position of the Lord bishop of Sodor and Man. This was a return to specific ground previously covered.A vote was taken before the House of Keys General Election.But also to wider issues of Church and State Recently, the issue of legislative prayers has been discussed..

Ms Faragher’s primary motion was to remove the Lord Bishop Sodor and Man before the appointment a successor for Bishop Eagles, who is retiring. An amendment was proposed by Mrs Maltby which would have resulted in the Lord Bishop remaining in the Council, but without a vote – “a move more similar to that of the Dean of Jersey”. The Speaker added an amendment to the one proposed by Mrs Maltby. He removed the Lord Bishop’s name from the list of those who make up a quorum in either the Legislative Council, or Tynwald. Tynwald could then choose to make no changes, retain the voice, but not the voting power, or remove the Lord Bishop from both the Legislative Council, and Tynwald.

What would you expect when returning to…

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