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Turqouise yachts delivers the 75-Meter infinite Jest


Turquoise Yachts delivered the 75-meter yacht Infinite Jest. The exterior of the yacht was designed by Vallicelli and the interior by Sinot. Infinite Jest This is the first time that Sinot and the shipyard have worked together.

The styling of both the superstructures and hulls achieves a harmonious balance between simple, sleek lines, and a powerful and dynamic appearance. The geometry of the canopies in front and the bulwarks surrounding the side decks are a good example. The sheerline is the most obvious example of how the style plays with harmonious contrasts, combining soft and rigid components. The tight line starts in the bow and then becomes a concave, curved line at the middle of the yacht. This gently slopes towards the aft. The low transom angle and long forward overhang give the yacht a sport sailing yacht-like profile. This helps to support her large interior volume.

There is a mid-ship garage with a massive shell door that gives access to a 10.2-meter… A mid-ship shell door gives access a 10.2-meter…

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