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Choosing where to start: practical steps for educational leaders


To navigate the landscape of education transformation, leaders must cultivate an analytical process and make strategic decisions. More than two decades ago, my involvement in a groundbreaking learning initiative in Alaska paved the way for a transformative approach to education, aligning with many of Deming’s quality management principles. We wanted to develop systemic approaches that were not time-bound and did not follow course requirements. This redesign was designed to ensure that learners in small or remote systems could access the curriculum and create pathways that respected cultural differences and community values. This work was undertaken before Common Core and in the early stages for what would eventually become competency-based teaching. This book provides more information about the journey. Delivering on Promise.

We received training and support during these early years as we transformed our schools and districts. I reverse-engineered one of the tools in this training to create a process which has been invaluable for my leadership journey. Although I’ve made some changes, I refer to this tool as the Interrelationship Diagram because it’s all about causality.

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