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Transformative negotiation


My review of the new book Transformative Negotiation will appear in this month’s issue of LLRX.com. In the meantime, here is a summary of the book’s eight chapters, with my reactions:

Imagine yourself as a 1 imagine. Understanding your needs and wants is key to successful negotiation. Why would you want swans to attend your wedding? (page 20). How can a “Come As You Will Be Party” help clarify goals? (page 21). This chapter is especially useful for the people who I’ve negotiated with and have never really thought about or defined their actual needs or wants.

2 Ask. Asking for what you desire can get you a lot of it. This chapter is especially helpful for people who come from communities with limited resources or are in a discriminatory environment and have internalized that they do not deserve help. This chapter resonated with me since growing up in the West Virginia coalfields in a family that often needed food stamps to survive had made me feel worthless, someone who did not deserve help.

Give 3. Good negotiators get win-win deals. Win-win-win agreements are often the goal of good negotiators. This chapter has strong appeal to people like Erik Heels, who founded the Treehouse network, “a support…

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