Home Technology Today's Wordle hint and answer #760: Wednesday, July 19

Today's Wordle hint and answer #760: Wednesday, July 19


Maybe you want a different angle to add to your Wordle each day, or just need a way to ensure you win. Whatever help you need, you'll find it waiting for you just below. We've got a great selection of general advice to help with every guess, as well as a helpful clue for the July 19 (760) Wordle and that all-important answer too.

Wow, what a fast and fantastic turnaround today's Wordle was. I didn't feel too confident after my opening guess—only uncovering one yellow tends to do that to me—but it turned out to be just the stepping stone I needed to secure a quick win in three.  

Today’s Wordle Hint

Image Credit: Josh Wardle

Wordle hint Wednesday, July 19,

The word you're searching for today can be used to describe any sort of invigorating medicinal substance, and it's also the “T” in “G&T”. You'll need to find two different vowels to win.      

Is there a double letter in today's Wordle? 

No, there is no double letter in today's puzzle.  

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