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Today's Wordle answer for Friday, May 3

Today's Wordle answer for Friday, May 3

There's no need to struggle through your daily Wordle when we've got all the help you could ever wish for right here. Click straight through to today's answer if you like, or use our clue for the May 3 (1049) Wordle to give your own guesses a little push in the right direction.

One yellow letter? In two guesses? It's safe to say that my Friday Wordle didn't start the way I hoped it would. Thankfully another yellow joined the fray soon after, and that, combined with all the letters I'd eliminated on the way down, led me to today's Wordle answer. Phew!

Today’s Wordle Hint

Image credit: Josh Wardle

Wordle today: A hint for Friday, May 3

Answer today is a dark, almost-black, decorative hardwood that’s used for everything from furniture and chess pieces to other items. Only one of today's winning letters is a vowel. 

Today, is there a word with two letters? 

No, there is no double letter in today's puzzle. 

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