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Today On Legaltech Week: Our Take On So-Called ‘Twitter Killer’ Threads, Plus, Dust Off Your Law School Training For An Actual Forum Non Conveniens Story


It was a short week for those of us in the United States, but there is still plenty for us to talk about on today’s Legaltech Week, which you can join live at 3 p.m. ET.

We plan to talk about the following:

  • Our take on Threads, the potential ‘Twitter Killer” launched this week by Meta.
  • The CEO of legal technology with his $110 Million compensation package
  • The case of the forum non conveniens in e-discovery.
  • GPS is facing a lawsuit for products liability over its alleged role as a stalker and killer.
  • A judge’s curb on the U.S. government’s effort to battle disinformation on social media — will it withstand appeal?
  • Many firms claim to have a digital innovation strategy, but very few actually do.

If you haven’t already, you You can register for free to attend. Once you register, all future sessions are yours. You can watch previous episodes. as a podcast or on YouTube.

Every week our panelists will change, but we have a few regulars:

  • Nicole Black, MyCase’s legal technology columnist.
  • Stephen Embry, publisher, TechLaw Crossroads.
  • Caroline Hill, Editor in Chief Legal IT Insider.
  • Victor Li is the assistant managing editor at The ABA Journal.
  • Jean…

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