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Tinted front windows are popular — and often illegal


Q. Hello Mr. Honk Man: I just drove back from Santa Barbara and did an unofficial study on tinted windows. I thought it’s illegal to tint your front windows dark so that the driver can’t be seen. I would think the California Highway Patrol would hate that, given the times we’re in. My study found that 39 out of the 100 drivers that passed me (I stopped at 100 due to boredom) had their windows tinted so dark that I couldn’t see if anyone was driving. Why aren’t they ticketed?

–  Bob Bernal, San Clemente

A. Officer’s discretion.

The cops can choose who they pull over. Perhaps the officer is looking for those who are doing something more hazardous, like speeding or driving while drunk. Or maybe the number of illegally tinted windows out there overwhelms some of them – those violations are more plentiful than even the number of Honk fans.

Under the law, in California, the windshield and front side windows can’t have much tinting at all, and most vehicles likely got the allowance at the factory.

Sergio RiveraCHP Officer and spokesperson based in Santa Ana has set himself a limit.

“If I can’t see male or female, if I’m not doing something else, I could make that stop,” he said.

Police officers give warnings or

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