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Three ways to make financial literacy come alive in your classroom


A great announcement just in time to start the new semester. We’ve added fresh teacher resources to our Financial Literacy course, empowering you to bring the world of finance to life for your students through engaging videos and interactive activities.

Financial literacy can be fun and engaging for both students and adults.

Imagine this: you’re a middle school teacher tasked with teaching financial literacy. The concepts might seem a bit abstract or disconnected from your students’ everyday experiences. But you’re always seeking new ways to make these lessons impactful while balancing limited resources and time constraints. 

We’ve got you covered! We’re thrilled to introduce Unit 12 in our revamped Financial Literacy course. This unit contains a wealth of resources that will make teaching financial literacy easy. Here are three ideas to make financial literacy an engaging and vibrant subject for your students.

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1. Use Sal Khan’s best tips for bringing financial literacy topics to life.

Each lesson starts with an “about this Unit” introductory video from Sal Khan that’s tailored specifically for educators. These short…

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