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Thoughts on Promises and Challenges of AI in Legal after Yesterday’s AI Summit at Harvard Law School


I attended yesterday’s Harvard Law AI Summit, organized by the Library Innovation Lab of Harvard Law School. The event was an invitation-only, intimate gathering with approximately 65 people. It was held under the Chatham House Rule. Participants were free to use any information they received but agreed not to reveal the identities or affiliations of the speakers and participants.

The idea, of course, is to allow participants to speak frankly about an issue that is undeniably challenging and complex — the rise of generative AI in legal. The participants did not hold back. Even though the themes generally tracked those I’ve already seen raised in other forums and articles, the insights that came out of the summit were enlightening and thought-provoking, especially given the bona fides of those who were there.

As I reflect on the conference this morning, I thought I’d share a couple takeaways floating through my head. These are just my impressions, and do not reflect anything that the speakers said.

AI-enabled pro se litigants may overwhelm the courts. Therefore, the courts should be prepared to take action.

The use of Generative AI can lower the barriers and costs for pro se litigants…

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