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‘Thorny Questions”: New York Times Ponders Whether “Misinformation” is Protected Speech


We have talked about the embrace of censorship on the part of many Democratic politicians and the left, including Joe Biden. The most disturbing aspect of this trend is the media’s support. That erosion of support for free speech was on display this week in a tweet from a New York Times’ reporter. Sheryl Gay Stolberg  said that this week’s effort by Democrats to censor Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. “raised thorny questions” about whether misinformation is protected speech. The statement demonstrates a stunning lack of understanding and loyalty to free speech values.  There are no “thorny questions” over the censorship of this speech, because misinformation is unquestionably protected under the First Amendment.

The media’s embrace of censorship was on display on various channels after the recent opinion finding that the Biden Administration had violated the First Amendment in “the most massive attack against free speech in United States history.” However, the New York Times immediately warned that the outbreak of free speech could “curtail efforts to combat disinformation.” Yet, no one expressed it more simply and…

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