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This Isn’t a Rock Concert—This Is Church! Inside the Rise of NJ’s Megachurches


The crisis of Christianity has been proclaimed so insistently and so convincingly in recent years that it makes the worship service in a converted tech factory in Parsippany at nine o’clock on a Sunday morning this past spring that much more astonishing. Welcome to Liquid Church, where the faith is not only alive—it rocks. 

The tech team in the front of house coordinated strobes to strafe the auditorium. The sound of praise music is played for over 20 minutes on speakers and video monitors that are too many to count. You don’t want to miss anything, and you can’t. 

The band builds up the crowd before Cuyler black, one of the 100 or so people working at the Parsippany campus and the six other campuses in New Jersey, takes the stage. 

“Good morning, church fam!” Black shouts at the throng gathered in the club-like darkness of the cavernous hall. “This is a good-looking group out there!” he says to cheers. 

Black is warming up today by running through…

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