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An Interior Designer explains the correct way to hang art.


It’s one thing to find art, but it’s another to decide where and how you want it displayed in your home. Ashley Clark from Skout Interior Design is a resident expert on gallery walls. She helped us to understand more about how art is installed.

Clark and her team are experts at decorating walls. They have used everything from vintage photography, to bold prints and even more unusual items such as skateboards and flippers. We had to ask her about the best way to hang art at home.

You can create a gallery in a corner.

Skout Interior Design

What’s the Best Way to Hang Art?

Clark recommends hiring a professional to install your art, especially to avoid mistakes like holes in walls. But if you’re in a pinch and can’t find an art installer, she suggests making templates with Kraft paper and taping out your design on the wall. When you’re ready to go, use a hammer and nails, and for larger pieces, Clark also recommends purchasing D rings and Z bars. You should aim to space your art pieces three to six inches apart when you begin a gallery. 

Clark uses hooks or pegs to hang non-framed items, such as instruments and other gear.

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