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The Easiest way to Redecorate your House without Spending a Dime


It can seem expensive to upgrade your home. But you don’t need to break the bank to create a new, on-trend look in any room. All you need to do is a little shopping—without leaving the house.

We turned to interior designer Julie Hovnanian of Hovie Interiors to discuss the concept of “shopping your home.” The idea is to freshen up your home without spending a lot on new furniture pieces or artwork. You can find a wealth of art and decor in your home. 

Here are Hovnanian’s go-tos when it comes to “zhuzhing” up your home.

Layering a blanket over your headboard is an effective layering technique.

Blake Bakkila

1. Use existing textiles in a new way

You likely have quilts or throw blankets that you aren’t using—until now. “If you have a plain headboard, throw it over the back of it to add some interest in your bedroom,” says Hovnanian. This simple trick is a great way to add a new dimension and a possible conversation starter to your bedroom.

2. Antiques can be used in new ways

Silver pieces from family members can be used as functional and artistic home decor. “Let’s say you have some silver pieces from your grandmother,” says…

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