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This clever Amazon find kept my alfresco lunch fly-free


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After wrapping our September cover story shoot (have you seen August’s yet?), a certain supermodel—I’ve already said too much!—decided to whip up fresh pizzas rather than order in sad takeout salads. The first thing I noticed when she called her crew to the outdoor table was not the glistening pizzas but the small whirring turbines that were scattered on the surface. 

She explained to me that the fly fans are sourced on Amazon and they were called Fly Fans. The swearword By them in the summer. The invention was new to me. I assumed that it was due to the fact that I live in New York City, where my outdoor area is limited to just a fire exit. The rest of the team, who were all homeowners, was equally amazed.

Entertaining photo

When you hear the word Fly fan a pretty picture probably doesn’t come to mind. They are pretty, I dare say; I was stunned when I saw them.

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