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This Austin Creative’s French-Door Fridge Hack Saved Her Hundreds of Dollars


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tudor home exterior
Madeline Harper, Photographer

Anastasia Casey is the founder of IDCO Studio. The Interior Collective After her husband and Design Camp podcast got the keys to a new Austin home they began construction. It was initially a bit confusing. deconstruction. “My goal was to reuse every single thing that we possibly could,” says Casey. The finishes the previous owners had selected weren’t bad necessarily, they just weren’t You can find out more about this by clicking here., but the seasoned renovator didn’t want to send everything straight to a landfill. 

white pantry cabinets
The old cabinets are now in the laundry room. Photography by Madeline Harper | Photography by Madeline Harper

Having worked with Casey on previous projects, her go-to crew at Austin’s Home Renovation knew the drill: They carefully popped up the LVP floorboards in the kitchen, stacked them by size, and waited for one of Casey’s local Facebook followers to swing by the house and pick them up to use in their own remodel. Casey moved the majority of the white cabinets from the kitchen to the laundry room. She also reused the granite countertops.

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