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Ron DeSantis has two faces

Ron DeSantis has two faces

Recently, Gov. Ron DeSantis and I had a one-hour conversation.

I began my remarks by praising his efforts to keep Florida mostly open during COVID-19.

DeSantis: “I simply had to make a decision as a leading leader.” “Are you going to be concerned about the daily news cycle?” Worry about your personal popularity?… I did not know how it was going to work out politically. “I was going to do the right thing.”

It worked for Floridians. “If we look at excess deaths, we had the lowest rates in the Sunbelt. [had] Lower excess mortality than California or New York.”

Since the pandemic began, Florida has also gained over 500,000 new jobs. New York, my state, lost over 200,000. Florida opened schools quickly. Kids suffered less loss of learning as a result. DeSantis is a good man.

DeSantis has also banned the mask mandate.

“Some local police departments were going to fine people…. We kneecap them with our clemency power…no penalties for wearing a mask or not. It’s all up to you.”

It’s great to have “your choice.” DeSantis’ laws and executive order often contradict each other. You can limit the number of people you allow to a certain amount. choice. No Florida business can today require that its customers wear masks, or show proof of vaccination.

I push you back. “If it’s…

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