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The 30 most successful clubs in World Football


The Champions League is the most prestigious competition in European and South American club football.

Rayand via Wikimedia commons (left), as well as a public domain picture (right).

What determines success in World Football?

Most successful football clubs are those that have had a long, triumphant history of winning national and continental competitions. The most successful football clubs have been at the top of their game for many generations.

This list includes 77 football teams from 19 European countries and six South American nations. Based on their most significant trophy victories, a mathematical formula was used to rank them. Below are the top 30.

The Mathematical Formula

We only considered domestic and continental top-tier titles (e.g. Champions League, Copa Libertadores). Some trophies have only been around for a short time in certain countries. The average UEFA coefficent since 1955 was used as a measure of their worth, because league titles in some countries are more prestigious.

Spain’s league title is worth 11.7 points. This puts it ahead of England (11.4), Italy (9.8), Germany (9.8) France (7.3), Portugal (6.7), Russia (6.6), Netherlands (6.5), Ukraine (6.1), Belgium (6.1), Scotland (5.2) ),…

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