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Tea Cozys are timeless tea cozies.


Text by Jane Pettigrew

A “hat” for a teapot

The tea cozies, which were introduced to the tea table in the second part of the 19th Century, brought a whimsical sense of practicality and whimsy to every tea occasion. For, although a cozy’s most important role has always been to keep the teapot and the tea warm, its style—sometimes quirky and inventive, often elegant and prettily embroidered—attracts attention, provokes discussion, and gives those at any tea gathering an affectionate feeling of easy sociability and contentment.

It is not simply the cozy’s name (which of course means snug, warm, safe, restful, and secure) that instills in tea-party guests a feeling of well-being and comfort; the shape, color, size, design, and character (traditional, eccentric, bizarre, beautiful, or totally weird and funky) play their part and often make guests smile and ask about the cozy’s origins.

Made between 1870 and1899, this velvet English cossie features beaded thistle-and-rose motifs along with trim and top hooks. Photograph Courtesy of Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

The tea cozy is believed to have originated in the 17th Century when tea was first introduced into England.

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