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The Sunrise


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The Sunrise

The Sunrise

The Poetic Messages Of Sunrise And Perspective Shifts By Christa diCasparro

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Each day of our lives we experience a morning ritual – a moment that goes unnoticed, can be obscured by clouds or just be taken for granted. It is a ritual that appears every morning to welcome a new day. It is always there. It is a constant. It is sunrise.

The sunrise does not technically occur every day. The illusion is that the sun rises every day. Earth, the blue dot on the horizon, rotates and moves towards the east, towards the sun. It just does not sound very poetic to say what is being experienced – “Oh, what a beautiful earth rotating toward the east.” It seems too scientific a phrase. What is so profound in this phenomenon is that we, meaning all of us embrace this moment and craft the poetic phrase, “look at the beautiful sunrise.” Maybe it is our psyche continuing to deliver a hopeful, inspiring message?

What else?

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