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The Scapegoating Of Derek Chauvin, Part 2. The Scapegoating Of Derek Chauvin, Part I


On the day George Floyd died, May 25, 2020, Amy Sweasy, a prosecutor for the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office with more than 25 years’ experience, was assigned to work on the investigation and prosecution of Officers Chauvin, Thao, Kueng, and Lane. But in early June 2020, Sweasy removed herself from the case due to “ethical concerns.” After she left, Minnesota’s partisan Attorney General Keith Ellison filed new charges against Chauvin, increasing the lead count to second degree murder.

Sweasy then filed a lawsuit against her former employer, unrelated to Floyd. She was suing for retaliation and discrimination. The litigation is ongoing, but in August Sweasy’s sworn deposition testimony was released. At 313 pages, the transcript covers her final years as a prosecutor, and a significant portion of her testimony focuses on the tumultuous two weeks following Floyd’s death.

It paints a picture of a prosecutor’s office struggling under the weight of unfamiliar public scrutiny. According to Sweasy, the situation was “extremely” stressful, “there were riots and fires and protests, and it was absolute chaos everywhere.” Michael Freeman, the Hennepin County Attorney, frequently berated the lead…

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