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Angels present at Eucharist


The Presence of Angels at the Eucharist

The angels attend the Eucharistic Offering. The Mass is, actually, a sacramental participation in the liturgy of heaven, the cult* officially rendered to the Trinity by the full host of the spiritual creation. The angels’ presence introduces the Eucharist to heaven. They surround it in a sacred mystery.

“The angels surround the priest,” writes St. John Chrysostom. “The whole sanctuary and the space before the altar is filled with the heavenly Powers come to honor Him who is present upon the altar.” And elsewhere: “Think now of what kind of choir you are going to enter. Although vested with a body, you have been judged worthy to join the Powers of heaven in singing the praises of Him who is Lord of all.” “Behold the royal table. Angels serve it. The Lord Himself is present.”

There is only one priestly activity, and that is Jesus Christ’s. The whole creation is glorified by it. It is the same activity offered by angels in heaven as well as saints on Earth. This participation is mentioned in the New Testament when the liturgy that the Church practices is described as being a part of the liturgy performed by the angels. So, in the…

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