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The Perfect Cup: Tea & Health


Bruce Richardson, Text and Photography

Six of the newest findings

Last April, leading nutrition scientists from all over the world gathered to discuss the latest research supporting tea’s role in promoting optimal wellness. Speakers at The Sixth International Scientific Symposium on Tea and Human Health presented a comprehensive update on 20 years of research on health benefits associated with tea consumption. Let me explain what has been discovered by researchers without using complex scientific language.

1. Tea & Immune Function 

“Tea may help support your immune system and increase your body’s resistance to illnesses,” says Tufts University’s Dayong Wu, MD, Ph.D. “If you become sick, tea can help your body respond to illness by ridding itself of the infection and may also alleviate its severity when infections happen.”

Dr. Wu reviewed all the data available on the topic and concluded that catechins in green tea can help the body combat a wide range of pathogens. Catechins decrease the pathogen’s ability to infect the body as it helps the immune system spring into action.

2. Tea & Cardiac Health

According to extensive research, two cups of unsweetened tea…

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