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The Patio Construction Material This Landscape Designer Won’t Ever Work With


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chair next to glass blocks

Molly Sedlacek is the founder of ORCA, a landscape design studio and outdoor products studio. She receives many requests from clients to remove the concrete in their yards. Patios, walkways, steps—you name it, they want it gone. “I kept thinking, if everyone needs to remove it, why are we still specifying it?” says Sedlacek. Other than not being all that pleasing to look at, concrete doesn’t allow water to move through it (instead, it must be drained or sloped to a run-off point changing its distribution) or micro-organisms to breathe underneath it. It cracks with time and causes pooling and flooding. Rotted roots and bare soil are also a result. Sedlacek’s strong feelings against concrete is part of the reason she’s focused her company on permeable Landscape design, which is the process of setting up hardscaping material in a layer sand with elevated joints to allow water to freely flow underneath and around it. 

Sedlacek’s own Los Angeles house is the perfect place to show off her ideas. She bought it a little more than a year before, when there was hardly a garden. ?…

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