Home Technology It’s possible to live a life analog. But it’ll cost you.

It’s possible to live a life analog. But it’ll cost you.


Communication with friends who use smartphones could become complicated if you opt for analog. Lauren Pusateri, Popular Science

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THERE’S A LOT You need to be cautious if you don’t want tech companies, governments and hackers to get your information. It can be so tempting to delete all of your accounts, abandon your smartphone and disappear from the internet.  

If you’ve ever considered the possibility of going analog, you’re not alone. Is it even possible to go analog in this highly connected age? It depends on how you live, where you are, and what money is available. What it’s not, though, is convenient. In fact, going analog can be so inconvenient that it’s totally impracticable.  

As a thought experiment, though, let’s go over analog living in increments: from giving up your social media platforms to buying stuff only in person, with cash. You may find you can’t forgo technology enough to even live a day of analog life,…

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