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Full Moon November


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Full Moon November

Full Moon November

What is it, and what spiritual meaning is behind it? – By Emma Mills

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As we move The through November, Autumn and all the wonderful events at this time of year, there is one event that cannot be missed – On November 27th at 4.16 a.m. EST we will see the arrival of the ‘Beaver Moon’.

As its name implies, the Beaver Moon is a full moon associated with preparation for winter. It’s about creating a nest and making sure you have enough food.

That’s not to say this is what you should do (I don’t think your workplace will thank me for that!)

But it’s a time to hone in on self care, on slowing down, eating well, resting and prioritizing what is important right now and what can wait until spring.

This is the time of year when many Beavers become architects and carpenters, constructing a home and lifestyle that they are proud to live.

This is a great place to get ideas for your final…

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