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The Law of Karma


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The Law of Karma

The Law Of Karma

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What is Karma?

Since thousands of years, the concept of Karma is used in spiritual philosophy.  The term karma is used to describe past or current intentional actions (thoughts words and deeds), and the results shaped by their quality.  Good deeds create good karma and evil deeds create bad karma.  Karma’s effects can appear immediately, in a future life, or over multiple lifetimes.  Karma is a summation of all the actions we have done in our current life as well as in previous lives.

“Every human being has their karma, whether we know about it or not.  Our karma can be seen in our daily lives.  Even at every single moment, it is our inner state that does affect the way how karma will fulfill itself.”[1] Karma is a part of life.  Nobody lives without karma.  Karma is neither fate nor…

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