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The Healing Power Of Breath


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The Healing Power Of Breath

The Healing Power Of Breath

Darshan Goswami explores the profound healing potential of deep breathing practices.

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Life is impossible without breathing. The act of breathing is essential to life. Breathing helps to deliver oxygen into the bloodstream and removes carbon dioxide. Deep breathing and chest breathing are the two main ways to breathe. When you are doing deep breathing, also known as diaphragmatic breathing or abdominal breathing, always breathe in and out through your nose.

The diaphragm is the focus of the breath, not the chest. The breath is influenced both by our thoughts and our physiology. It is important to realize that our mind, body, breath, and overall wellness are interconnected. Controlling our breath can be a powerful way to improve physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Paying attention to your breath can help you understand the essential truths of life. You can learn about the world by paying attention to…

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