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The Field’s Ultimate Fishing Guide for 2024


Dig out your diary and get the New Year off to a flying start with The Field’s ultimate month-by-month fishing guide to what to fish, when and where to stay

It is no secret that UK fishing can be spectacular, especially in beautiful locations. Getting away from life’s stresses for just a couple of days of angling is calming, restorative and is a bubble of contentment. It gives you something to look towards, plans to be made and tackle to organize. Then, after it all, you’ll have shining memories of screaming reels and leaping, silver fish. Enjoy an angling trip with friends, a partner or alone. When the casting is over, enjoy fine wine and a fire. Our search for the best fishing accommodation and thrilling action has led us to some amazing destinations. All of our suggestions are unique: we offer great fishing guides or special fish stocks. We also suggest rivers that take your breathe away. We’ve tried to match each venue with the best time to wet a line, and we have spread our net across the whole country. The Field Team has fished each water on the checklist, leaving you with only one task: get out your diary.

KEY: £ £50-£100 / ££ £100-£150 / £££: £150+


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