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The Cosmopolitan (Finally) Gets a Makeover in ‘And Just Like That’


Samantha Jones, the much-anticipated star of season two of Just Like That, fans likely couldn’t help but notice the absence of another main character. Yes, we’re talking about the Cosmopolitan. The original cocktail has become synonymous with this drink. Sex and the City The series was at its peak in the early 2000s. The drink was like a fifth bestie to the quartet of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte—and has finally made its big return. A little makeover.

The Cosmopolitan cocktail—colloquially known as the Cosmo—was largely missing during AJTL’s first season. It appeared in just one scene: Viewers watched as Carrie and Seema, Carrie’s realtor-turned-gal-pal, sipped on the drink together, a subtle signal that Seema’s friendship was equal to that of Carrie’s already-established girlfriends.

It appeared that the ladies were all but done with Cosmo after the first scene. In 2008, the 2008 SATC movie, they even made light of how they’d stopped drinking them, “because everyone else started.” Wine, martinis and even an errant Moscow Mule or two seemed the foursome’s new drinks of choice.

“[The Cosmo] was a sort of mascot,” says Nicole…

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